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Even if you did only the normal quests, but you did ALL of them(not counting bonus series) you will be roughly even level with your class quests for almost every planet in this game...

You have to seriously skip content and actively avoid mobs to even manage to underlevel yourself.
This has been my experience as well. Doing ONLY normal/solo story, class, and side-quest content on a planet (so NOT including heroics or any group content, the bonus series, flashpoints, daily space combats, or PvP) will keep you right at appropriate level range. Doing ANY of that additional content quickly puts you ahead of the leveling curve.

I cannot fathom how someone can end up behind the leveling curve unless they are literally doing nothing but their class quests and skipping all other content.

If you are 3 levels below where you should be for Quesh... are you accidentally skipping the 32-36 planet (Taris for Empire, Balmorra for Republic)?