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I'd have to disagree, you need to address the issue from the fact there isn't a built in restriction. Therefore base rules are ANYTHING goes, you can't expect a PUG group to follow some unwritten rule. Guild groups and friend groups are always going to be different. It still defaults to a group leader to take 30 seconds to explain the loot rules and let people decide for themselves before starting an instance/flashpoint/quest
Of course you can expect a PUG to follow unwritten rules; you do it all the time (even if it's only something trivial like "In a boss fight, let the tank pull"). Because, just like in the real world, every game population builds its own consensus as to what is or is not acceptable, and what everyone ought to understand without having to be told more than once - that's called "social behaviour". There may be no game mechanisms enforcing those rules, but they're still there, and people break them at their peril.