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01.20.2012 , 01:53 PM | #8
A few suggestions:

Sit/Lie Down emotes

While I understand the difficulty that goes into coding every single chair and couch in the game to be an interactable item, the least we could get in the meantime is more control over our characters to make up for this while it's (hopefully) worked on. The current /sit emote is really unfriendly to RPers, and only works if you're sitting on flat ground. And it looks more like a /lounge than a /sit.

And we lack a /lie down completely!

Flavor clothes

This could probably be tied into "more social gear" or something, but I'd really like to see a lot more casual outfits available. The character I roleplay is (more or less) separate from his class, but 99% of the gear available to him as a light armor user is fancy-looking robes. I happily left WoW for this game and don't plan on going back, but one thing I do miss was the variety of outfits you could make, even as a cloth class. Wanted to look like a powerful magic-user? You got it. Wanted to look like a butler? You got it. Wanted to look like a slick criminal? You got that, too.

Chatbox updating

Another feature from WoW that I completely took for granted was how when you typed /e, the type box would turn orange-brown like the emotes and start with your name. It would also be "sticky", so you didn't have to type /e every single time. You guys already do this with /say, /g, and a few other channels. Please please please do it for emotes, too?