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Chat Bubbles
We know the Hero Engine can support them, but there were issues with them before early on in beta. Is this being worked on still? Just a simple yes or no here would be nice. We've already done large RP events with over 100 people and the chat scroll can be nightmarish. Even in smaller events it can be very difficult to keep track of conversations.

Heres a good thread link on this

Social Clothing
Social clothing is awesome, but a lot of people can't use it normally because it's all light armor. Rather then restricting it by armor class, why not just simply have the vendors sell light/medium/heavy varieties of each type? Everyone wins.

I'd also like to specifically address the Imperial Trooper armor. Yes we were begging for it all through beta, but putting it in on the CE vendor couldn't have hurt more. As the game grows theres going to be more and more people without the CE. Those people will still want to RP Imperial Troopers. Why not give us something else nice looking, or an officers version, and allowing everyone else to get the basic version. Something similar could be done with the Republic officers uniform as well.

Roleplayers want to have some "off duty" looks which current social armor doesn't totally cover. The Republic women's dress and Imperial Dress outfit for men are a good start, but we'd love more as well.

As a Sith Inquisitor, our items got swapped around constantly during beta. Now the SI raid gear is Darth Baras' Outfit, and Lord Zash's outfit is a low level Sith Warrior outfit. It doesn't make sense. There are also tons of different color and hood up/down variations of current armor ingame only seen on NPCs. Why not add these as orange item schematics to crafting along with some of the different looks that were removed?

Cross-Faction Communication
I'm grateful that we can use spatial to communicate but why not custom emotes as well? In the RP community this adds a lot of confusion with new players not knowing and old players forgetting. I'd like to not see any more players standing around idly because one couldnt see an emote. Other games such as Everquest 2 have used different chat rules for different servers, could we have custom emotes enabled cross faction for RP servers?

Lightsaber Colors
Restricting Red, Green, and Blue makes some sense, and if you really want it, it's still possible to get them. Cyan and Purple make less sense. I understand the desire to have PvPers look different from one other by faction, but Purple was Mace Windu's color, a Jedi Master. Since you're already making purple items customizable why not make the other factions color available, but hard to obtain, or LS/DS like RGB colors? Stephen Reid said at E3 we would eventually be able to get another factions speeder type with a lot of work. That sort of thing is fun, I love it that I have to work my butt off to try and get a White saber.

Empty Instances
Some of TOR's most beautiful work is hidden in quest instances. We'd love to RP in those places! Why not allow players to open up an empty version of an instance once they've completed the quest? This way nothing is given away early, but a level 50 of any class would have a wide selection of places they could go to RP and use the scenery worked so hard on. It'd be even better if you could bring an ops group in so they could take more than three friends.

A /roll System
Roleplayers love a roll or dice function. Not only does it allow for some creative dueling practices, but also gives us the ability to make up our own gambling minigames!

Expanded Seating
We understand expanding the seating options is difficult because it uses the cover system, but if you could at least expand it to some of the major ingame cantinas it would go a long way to helping out roleplayers.

Sit/Lie Down emotes
While I understand the difficulty that goes into coding every single chair and couch in the game to be an interactable item, the least we could get in the meantime is more control over our characters to make up for this while it's (hopefully) worked on. The current /sit emote is really unfriendly to RPers, and only works if you're sitting on flat ground. And it looks more like a /lounge than a /sit.

Is it possible to add a hood toggle? If not could we get more varieties of clothing with hoods up and down? Some classes like Inquisitor want more hood down, others like Warror want more hood up! Also, could we get a word if hood/mask is coming back? That was a great feature.

Also with twi'leks coudn't they wrap their lekku around the front or something and still wear a hood? Something like this

Character Customization
You can never really have enough, so I'll try to limit this to some of the best suggestions. A new body type somewhere between 2-3 to be a bit bigger, or muscled, but not gigantic. Some new races might be nice too, Togruta, Kel-Dor, Nalutolan, there are a lot of heroic humanoid basic speaking races that woud fit in well with the current races. Also there were a lot of options removed during beta, due to bugs and wanting to make the races shared across factions unique. Are those coming back in legacy? If not, can we get them again?

Also will it be possible to add an ingame character customizer like Warcraft's barber shop? We'd really like to be able to change our characters over time, add scars, change hairstyles and the like.

Character Bios
These really help with setting up RP with someone you dont know, it can have tidbits of essential character info, or little things like scars or accents that can't be represented other ways. If it's impossible to add one to the game normally, we can make our own UI mod if you simply allow the UI to be modded with the coming UI updates.

Did I forget anything? Let me know and I'll add it.
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