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Personally I'm kind of done with this whole topic. I could care less what some guild thinks of us, when they themselves exploited. Funny how people in glass houses are throwing stones.

We never claimed any "world first" from any possible exploit. Not my fault half the raid got swiped into the corner could continue to DPS the boss. I find what some of you have done is much more blatant then anything we've ever done. Did you think you magically should be getting 500k xp per hour from PVPing? Yeah, probably thought people on our server didn't notice that huh?

Or how about all of you that cascaded instances. You know who you are, and just because some crazy ex-member hasn't posted crap about it doesn't mean it's not taking place.

You jump to conclusions over 1 screen shot, which proves nothing, and that was posted from a person that I'm pretty sure we've established is a pathological liar. Do not call me a liar when you have absolutely NOTHING to back it up with.

Last I checked, you're not some god in SWTOR. Your opinion of us really means nothing to me if you want me to be blunt about it. Some new guild is trying to sit there and have the audacity to be as bold as claim that screen shot was even a kill? Let's see... guild that's been around for 7+ years or Nerf Dialogue... the people can really pick who to believe.

Also, do not put words in my mouth. I, nor has anyone that's a raider with NA, posted that we killed the boss in this manner.

Eezee you lied again, we did not get swiped into a corner. We went to that corner before the fight even started. We left 1 of the beasts alive and got everyone in the corner before we killed it then we started bonethrasher. Also claiming that the kill where we did that wasn't even a kill is funny because the fight was so over tuned you couldn't do it on nightmare cause he would enrage at like 40%. Your digging your grave eezee lying to everyone saying the pic was a lie and you downed it legit lol.