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Personally I'm kind of done with this whole topic. I could care less what some guild thinks of us, when they themselves exploited. Funny how people in glass houses are throwing stones.

We never claimed any "world first" from any possible exploit. Not my fault half the raid got swiped into the corner could continue to DPS the boss. I find what some of you have done is much more blatant then anything we've ever done. Did you think you magically should be getting 500k xp per hour from PVPing? Yeah, probably thought people on our server didn't notice that huh?

Or how about all of you that cascaded instances. You know who you are, and just because some crazy ex-member hasn't posted crap about it doesn't mean it's not taking place.
Please dont deflect.

Just because we leveled faster than you doesnt mean we exploited. We did what many other progression guilds did - leveled in pairs, took as few breaks as possible, and burned through it. That's why our quickest levelers were right in line with other guilds with the same strategy - a few guys from noxx even beat us (apparently they didnt sleep AT ALL, our guys took 4 hour power naps ). However, several EU guilds had people beat us by half a day or more, which I assume can be attributed to your "pvp xp exploit", though i cant be sure because just because they leveled faster than me doesnt mean they cheated.

As for "cascading instances", I can honestly say I dont know what that is or how I would go about doing it. We actually had a very big problem with tanks until very recently - we had enough to raid, but they could only log on during raids and we couldnt do any heroics at all, so chain running instances was obviously out of the question.

Still, I find it curious that you guys seem to know about all these exploits, many of which I had never even heard of until you brought them up. Regardless, you can plead your case elsewhere - while this thread was bumped by this drama, it should be let to die, as it is fairly old and no longer important.