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Read the bit about him being "at the hospital". Anyone who lies about something like that needs to have a long hard think about themselves.

Not disputing what NA did was bad. It was, and they have admitted as such.
Having been straight lied to by Eezee, the GM of NA who are on our server, I'll take the guy's word that didn't lie to me. How's that for you? I don't care what Star's motives are but saying you can't trust Star because he lied to the GM and you'll trust the OTHER guy who lied to the entire community instead makes no sense. Whatever NA was before in WoW is obviously not what the guild is now and they can't just cruise on their laurels from past kills nor does it justify exploitation. Playing the "Paragon did it first" card also does not justify their actions nor demonstrate that the GM has any comprehension of responsibility.

Still waiting for that kill video.
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