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01.20.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
ok after the patch i get this quest about the hutts and since ive dealt with them before they would like me to go deal with them again.

the quest is called best foot forward and in my mission log it is listed as a operations quest. the quest giver is on the fleet and the next part of the mission is to go talk to some droid in the hanger of the ziost shadow. so i go there, no droid, go all over the ziost shadow, no droid, cant find this particular droid. check my map, no indication of where i should go to find this droid.

so my question is, is this quest completable right now, is it for some operation to be added later on or is the quest directions just wrong. should i abandon for now, i thought it would deal with karaggas palace but i go to where that guy is on the fleet and no droid by him either. this is just a bit frustrating to me because i really like to do quests but to give me a quest that is not currently able to be finished drives me nuts just looking at that quest in my log.

anyone seen this quest, has anyone completed it, or is it not completable.