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This is the 3rd character i have ended up on Quesh, 4-5 lvls lower than the things i am fighting..... The last planet i was only 1 lvl lower than the mobs..

*** have i missed? i followed my story picking up all the little sides quests...
What Class are you? are you a stealthing class and do you skip packs onyour way to quest objectives?

I cannot understand this issue, I did no PvP or Space Missions as I levelled. I did every heroic quest I could but not all probably 3/4 of the heroic quests in the game for my faction. I did most of the flash points once while leveling. I did do 70% of the quests on each planet, some I did the bonus in its entirity some I skipped the bonus all together.

I was always 2 to 3 levels above the level of the plant I was on. I cannot relate to your problem.
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