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This is the 3rd character i have ended up on Quesh, 4-5 lvls lower than the things i am fighting..... The last planet i was only 1 lvl lower than the mobs..

*** have i missed? i followed my story picking up all the little sides quests...
If you were one level below the highest mob on the previous planet, you cannot be 4-5 levels lower than anything on Quesh.
Quesh is a 1 level range planet(level range 36-37). It has around 10 quests total, including your class quest...

So even if you went and found the highest level mob on the planet, you should be AT MOST 3 levels under it, assuming you left the previous planet 1 level under the highest mob/recommended level for class quest. That would be Balmorra or Taris, depending on your faction.

It sounds more like you are skipping some things...
Such as going through all your class quests at the beginning of the previous planet, starting one level under, ignoring all the side quests on that planet. This would DEFINITELY result in the situation you describe, since the previous planet should have a 3-4 level range. You are expected to gain around that many levels before leaving.

Easiest way to check on things... is the galaxy map. When you select a planet(before clicking to travel to it), you can see the expected level range on the details. There are no gaps.

So, only real sequence of events that can result in the scenario you describe is:
Went to Balmorra/Taris at Class Quest level -1. Powered through class quests to get off the planet as fast as possible.
Went to Quesh for class quests and noticed everything was MUCH higher level.

Taris/Balmorra are level range 32-36.
Quesh is level range 36-37.