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01.20.2012 , 06:24 AM | #14
The only way this can be happening is if your skipping all content that requires more than 1 player after all this is an MMO its ment to be played with more than 1 player. If your skiping Heroics (a very big chunk of EXP), FP etc. you will be massivly underleveled. One of our guild members was 5 lvles under his next planet as he mainly played during the very late night due to work. this was on leaving hoth for the next planet and he had skipped all the MP content.

Myself personally I have always been massivly overleveled due to the fact I PVP,WZ,FP. I Hit 50 at the start of the VOSS storyline. There Is no issue with SWTOR not having enough chances to gain EXP, just your not using them. If your gonna avoid the MP content why not just play a SP game?