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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I didn't see a suggestions forum. Since a LFG tool would be used mostly with Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions I figured this would be a good spot.


I would like to suggest a "Looking For Group" tool for the game. No, not an auto-grouping feature like WoW's "Dungeon Finder", but rather a tool to expidite the formation of groups for group content.

The first aspect of the tool would be the ability to flag yourself as "looking for group". In the process of flagging yourself you would be able to designate what role (tank, heals, dps) you want to fill (which would be enabled/disabled based on your class + AC) as well as which Flashpoints, Operations, and/or Heroic Missions you are interested in running. The list of available Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroics would be limited by your level, elegibility, and possibly gear level.

The second aspect of the tool would be a search function for group leaders to quickly identify who is available to run a given mission. They would be presented with a search UI that allowed them to filter by Flashpoint, Operation, or Heroic Mission and the role they are trying to fill. Once a list of matches is found the group leader can use the tool to send a tell to ask people if they'd like to join and/or send an invite direclty from the tool.

People recieving an invite from the tool would see a message such as "You are being invited by <group leader's name> to join a group for <Flashpoint/Operation/Heroic Missing name>. Would you like to join?" That way it's not just a blind invite out of the blue.

This tool would not span cross realm or automatically form the group. It would be handy if the group leader had a 'launch' button that became enabled once the group was full that teleported everyone to the instance, but that's not neccessary.

I think the benefits of this tool would be:
1) Simplify the process of both finding a group and finding members for an existing group
2) Clean up the general channel from LFG spam
3) Encourage players to try advanced content
4) Promote grouping and social play

That's it.

Thanks for reading.