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I dunno I mean. The fact of the matter is, he pretty much came to an inglorious, bitter death.

I mean, imagine it this way-

The Imperials arrive on the Dorin's Sky to find a random Sith there, who has taken charge of the crew, but not the operation. he still sends you in, and supervises the operation.

The thing goes the same, except at the end, you can't kill Revan. A new Dialogue starts. Revan laments your power and backs away. He states that he had to test if the empire truly had warriors as powerful as those he had witnessed of the republic characters that saved him.

(Cue a dialogue option; Either warn him they're going to capture him for further imprisonment ((big story change...)), or one last proposal to try and sway him to stop the pointless combat.)

If dark side, Revan scowls and stands defiant. He prepares some form of final ditch attempt to be rid of you, stating that he won't allow it; He will fight back the empire, and the destruction they'll bring, for as long as he lives.

the Imperials begin to fan out, preparing to subdue the weakened Revan. He calls on all his power, it lancing out in all directions, parts of the facility crumble around him. He's willing to destroy the station, and you with it, if he can't win, and it weakens the Empire in the slightest.

He draws on his power and pulls it center, preparing to unleash it on the imperials-

-When the Sith lord from the beginnings blade impales Revan through the back.

Revan barely has enough time to let out a horrified cry before he drops to the ground.

The character we knew, determined until the end, finished by a mere cheap blow.


Lightside option, Your character briefly talks of how they can work together, and how Dark cannot exist without the light; how a balance of the two will help them complete his goals.

Stunned, Revan lowers his saber. The thoughts are so familiar they might well have even been his own. He admits that perhaps he was too hasty; other options are as available. He had never considered that others might have witnessed the emperors corruption as deeply as he had. He steps forward, and proposing that, as long as the team keeps their distance and minds themselves, he will give them a simple task to begin with, to test their loyalty.

As he approaches ,the this from the begining impales him from behind. The betrayal and anger in his voice is practically palpable, as he drops to the ground, and your characters can only watch in horror as the man they were planning to help mere moments before dies in front of them.


And I mean, these are only off the top of the head. Sure there's errors with them ,but they could be ironed out over the god-knows-how-long development time bioware had. And thats assuming Revan's actually dead.

In a game supposedly all about choice and how it affects the galaxy, you're pretty much strong-armed into: 'Oh look, Revan, Let's kill him.'

And Revan faces it with all the fear and weight of killing a low level mob. I've been considering some of it, and I think people have been taking it the wrong way. I don't think its even the fact that four extremely powerful people can kill him.

I think its the fact that for whatever reason, The way he's written, it appears that Revan might as well have been saved by the republic, and then thrown himself out the nearest airlock.

Revan knows about the foundry, and the empire has an inkling of it, and so one of the first things he does, is he runs straight to it and paints an enormous: 'Hey, loads of republic troops here! come and get me!' all over it.

He then carefully watches a Sith boarding party, that already raided an imperial ship, fought through his infinite army,and killed his assassin droid, and as far as one can tell, all the persuasive argument in the world amounts to absolutely Nothing as Revan appears to have decided that despite the fact that this group just wiped out a rather impressive army consisting of some powerful creations, at no point should he... I dunno, escape.

I mean Revan was a Strategist. Lord knows we heard about it fifty billion times over the course of KotOR.

But what kind've strategy is: 'Run straight to your secret weapon. Activate it. start building army. Watch army get destroyed by four freakishly powerful imperials. Watch his assassin droid (with backup from extermination droids) get systematically dismantled... Hm... Maybe I should reconsider this foundry thing. or you know...atleast call some of those Jedi Masters down from god-knows-where and get the to back me up here...?

NOPE. Face them solo, with no means of escape leading to a small loss of republic troops and forfeit the foundry.

Waidago. Brilliant strategy.

Tl;dr: If Revan really is a strategist, he's not dead. If he isn't then he isn't the Revan I remember anyway.