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01.19.2012 , 10:30 PM | #36
I agree with the OP.

Crafting should matter more especially in End Content. Being a 50 that has dedicated a lot of time and credits into a specific craft should have some meaning to it.

I'm not just saying, let them make cool looking gear or superficial fixes. The best gear and items in this game should be made from the players that sank enough time into their craft to do it.

I don't want them to make raiding obsolete, but you could have specific gear that drops from raids that is dependent in some way to the gear or items that the crafters make/sell.

I know it's a tough balancing act but you can't make it so everything is geared to just to spend hours raiding and ignore every crafter out their. I know it's an easy out to ignore the economic dynamics of this, and just give out the best pvp/pve gear by asking every player to grind out BGs or FPs but that's just lazy. Bioware could do better, they could make a system where highly skilled crafters have an integral role in this game.