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01.19.2012 , 10:20 PM | #32
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I could say the very same thing about oh, I don't know, every "Joined Nov, Dec 2011 with no avatar" that have literally done nothing but hash the game from day 1.

I see the bugs, faults etc in this game. However, as a whole it is very playable and "I" am enjoying it. So if because I actually enjoy the game means I am being paid by BW to defend them, lol, ok cool I have a side job I guess.

Though I will say thank you. Yet another "you like the game and didn't hate it immediately therefor your a fanboy" type response. Seriously, laughing at how hypocritical some of you guys are.
Chill out bro no need to get mad about it. I had fun until level 30, thought the game would get better at 50, it didn't.