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Hutta Datacrons
- Very Incomplete need to update

Aim +2

Coordinates: X: -96, Y: 861

The datacron is located up a small hill that can only be reached if you climb a pipe that is leaning on it. Peek under the tree branches if you're still having difficulty finding it.
Blue Matrix Shard

Coordinates: X: -22, Y: 319

This datacron is located in an area called Sewer Maintenance Tunnels. Entrance to this area is at -14, 225. If you're trying to get this datacron at a lower level bring friends as there is a strong elite nearby.

Presence +2

Coordinates: X: 497, Y: -13

Located on an island in the far north eastern corner of the map. To reach this island you must follow a pipeline that begins on the mainland at 496, -12