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Dromund Kaas Datacrons
- Very Incomplete, need to update

Strength +2

Coordinates: X: 855, Y: 643

Located in the hangar opposite to the one you arrive in when you first reach Dromund Kaas.

Presence +2

Coordinates: X: 581, Y: 798

Immediately exiting the Dromund Kaas spaceport you will be able to go up a path to the left which will lead you to this datacron.

Cunning +2

Coordinates: X: -1219, Y: 209

Located in the Dark Temple Approach part of Dromund Kaas

Yellow Matrix Shard

Coordinates: X: -187, Y: 1738

Located in southern Dromund Kaas.

Endurance +2

Coordinates: X: -793, Y: 1450

A narrow path near the western portion of Lord Grathan's Estate leads to this datacron.