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Man... I love this guide but now it makes me a bit sad that the Empire got screwed on crafting crit chance...

Reps get +5 on the 4 crafting skills that have a crit... Imps get +5 on 1 of them. Ouch.

Regardless, great guide and very helpful if not a little depressing
Well, keep in mind that crit is not the only thing that matters. Sith Inquisitors have amazing trade skills, as do agents. Bounty hunters are not bad either. They do not have +5 crit crafting skills but they still have great bonuses.

Biochem is better with crit, but it's not as big a bonus as it is for augment slot crafting. So the imperial agent is very competitive with the jedi knight, which does not even have a diplomacy bonus. And you can't go wrong with +5 crit on a mission skill!

The Bounty hunter has +15 slicing which is amazing for profiteering or even cybertech, giving you excellent options.

The inquisitor has above and beyond the best artifice bonuses in the game, it is staggering how good it is. The only way it could be better is if treasure hunting had +5 crit and archeology was +1 crit instead, but it doesn't matter.

The consular also does not have a crit bonus like the others do, but is a very mixed bag with a lot of interesting options to choose from. Still, I went with cybertech with mine since the bonuses leaned towards it, but artifice is also amazing, and synthweaving is perfectly viable, as is a number of other options, and we go back to what I was saying -- they are a mixed bag with lots of good choices.

So don't feel upset about the lack of +5 crit bonuses on imperial side, they still have a lot of goodies available, maybe even to the extent that they are better than the Republic!