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Loving this thread, really only replying so I can subscribe to it lol. As for whether or not BioWare would do it, I certainly hope so. It would be the kind of thing you do in a big expansion. They've already confirmed they're adding new species at some point so why not new classes!! As for the armor for this class, it's gotta look good on female toons for us female gamers. Some of the heavy trooperish armor in game now is hideous on female characters, even some of the heavy Jedi Guardian stuff is kinda meh.
Right, bikini plate armor. Got it

Now, as for the idea behind the Riot Guard AC, the picture I want people to imagine is they burst into a room, shrug off a few pistol shots, and literally smash someones face in with their weapon (originally shoot a hole thru their head, but now with the electrostaff, he jams it into their face and watch the body convulse). Now, as for as the DPS Class, I want to center it around the fact your using an Electrostaff, not a light saber, not a blaster; no, a gosh darn Electrostaff. Let me give an example of an ability i've been thinking of:

Overcharge - You overcharge the power on your weapon for a few seconds to cause your weapon to shock your foe into submission.

Applies a DoT on attack that deals damage and lowers the target Alacrity and Movement Speed by 5%. Reapplies on successful attack up to five Stacks Wears off after 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 20-30 Seconds

What I'm trying to aim for with this is an Anti-Caster/Channel ability. While it's main function is to do damage over time, it would also have the secondary effect of slowing casts and cause channeling abilities to take much longer. For example, if you have an ability that takes 4 seconds to channel, it'll take 5 at max stacks; a full second can be the difference between life and death! The MS portion is to make up for the fact that against, say, a Marauder or Juggernaut, who don't rely specifically on casting abilities.

The Riot Guards are meant to Contain the situation, usually thru violence

Note: This may not be my best example. Sorry