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Change Log:

- Added in Weapon Set for Base and Advance Classes
- Modified Recommended Stats

SOOOOO happy with the change to the weapon because now this creates a non-existant armor category that can be specially created for this class, aka armor that has Strength and Cunning on it. Stupid mad props to Bankingclan for the image of the Riot Trooper which I think is from the Force Unleashed games (I never played them, or, tried and couldn't get past Level 2 >.<)
I had an idea that maybe one of the dps trees could be based around the electro staff and be a kind of 'tanky/more resilient' (for wants of better words) type of dps based around control and debuffing. It would be mainly designed for solo leveling/ pvp and would consist of strongly debuffing your target (in return these abilities deal a little less damage). Essentialy it would consist of stacking up your debuffs - i.e movement impairment (shock/stun, an accuracy impairment (pepperspray) and an attack speed impairment (staff-bash?) among others. - to beat your enemies into submission. In pve it could work well in long term fights when you can maintain your domination. Where it would lack is in resource management and fight openers, when a player would have to rely on resilience before they can really stack things up against a player. My imagination of this is like a riot trooper storming in, taking a bit of a beating, and just withering angry mobsters down.

However I think this idea is similar to the rage warrior(Im not so sure, any insentive from a warrior/knight would be appreciated.)That could be a downside. Also, balancing could become an issue if the class ended up with too much survivability, thoughts?

Also, for the republic mirror, maybe a kind of 'enforcer' type person? the story would revolve around keeping the streets of coruscant safe (same kind of starting area) by controling crime and protecting people. Eventually you will be called into other planets because resources are spread thin (the war) and will uncover gangster cnspiracies etc. A possible later act could consist of the republic being so desperate as to put you into the war, when suddenly things become different...

Again, just brainstorming. I love your idea andust wanted to offer some kind of input to it .