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12.14.2011 , 12:11 PM | #19
There are a ton of Sith force users, and they recruit more all the time; the Sith are living embodiments of a twisted Peter's Principle: All Sith want to be the Emporer/Dark Lord. All Sith will rise to their level of incompletence, and then get killed. Once you get to the very top, you have #1, with his chosen successor - who he expects will succeed him violently. If he does not, he is not worthy.

So, not being familiar with Darth Bane's story, from what I gather of the above he had the right idea for keeping the strength of the organization within the limits of the Sith code. Only, if they don't keep that recruitment going full speed, they'll kill themselves off eventually, so if it came down to only two, the master and the apprentice - that apprentice *has* to recruit his own, in order to keep the Sith going once he kills the Master. I would call it an unspoken, 'gentlemen's' agreement. Because also as mentioned, there's nothing stopping the current Master from taking on the current Apprentice's pupil for his own, and killing the Apprentice! It creates a good competition, so the best candidate wins.