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01.19.2012 , 01:44 PM | #99
Forgive my ignorance, but when weighing which class/companion are best suited for a particular crewskill(s) shouldn't critical be of far more importance than efficiency? Especially in the case of crewskills that follow a non linear model of reverse engineering ie..arms/armor/synth

As I understand it, efficiency only effects the length of time it takes to produce/retrieve "X" item/material. Whereas +critical can potentially effect the actual return of the item or material. Now I realize that endgame patterns and missions take a fair bit of time, but the end result is the same.

It seems to me, if for example I need to send a crew member out to craft an epic pattern piece of armor that was going to take 2 hours to craft and I had a choice between getting the item back in 1h 45mins or +5 critical chance, personally I would prefer the crit chance as it potentially can effect the end result of the finial item.

One place I could potentially see the benefit of a +efficiency is a profession like Biochem where you would be more likely to mass produce stims and medpacs for your own consumption, but to that end the epic version of all those patterns are not consumed on use. So who knows....

Just my two cents...