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Quote: Originally Posted by Sujimichi View Post
Anybody got any tips for a heavy melee group?
Our group was:

Vanguard tank
Scoundrel healer
Shadow dps
Guardian dps (me)

We pretty much breezed through the non-bonus bosses (hardmode), but we couldn't even get past the first add phase of the bonus boss. Are you supposed to be able to burst down the 3 droids before he is done with his shield? We usually got 1 down with 1 cc'd and a third one with about 20% hp left, but the boss got back before we could kill all 3. 1 of them alive, plus the boss is just too much of a strain for our healer.
It is a very heal intensive fight, aoe healing is very good here.

If you have problem with the adds, then, CC 2 of them, kill the 3rd, and then kill them 1 by 1, the boss does not seem to have an enrage timer, so as long as you kill the 3 adds and dps him a bit, you should be fine.
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