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As for your comment on the Electrostaff/Vibrostaff... yes, I want them in-game so much too >.< That's partially the reason I want to see the Scattergun in for Riot Guards; Blasters keep to the back of the crowd where as Scatterguns come up and blow your face-in (let me state now I have not played the Smuggler Class so I don't really know if the range on Scattergun is shorter then Blaster... logic dictates it should but... you know). I'll try to think of a justification for having Trooper use Staves over Blasters, but don't get your hopes to far up.

Final Note: Coming up with an idea for a base/AC counterpart to this. It would start as a SIS-type of character, and it would eventually branch off into an "Field Enforcer/Neutralizer" class and "Engineer" class. Details are still foggy but it's something to work with. Comments?
Regarding the staffs, what about this? Not sure what the Republic mirror would be but it's a start for the Imperials at least: