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-Imperial Technician
Armor: Medium
Prime Stat: Cunning

Roles: Tank / Support


Imperial Trooper Description: Behind the lightning, light-sabers, and backstabbing are the dedicated men and woman of the Empire. Armed with years of hard military training and with a blaster in hand, they'll cut thru any enemy that stands in their way.

Technician Description: Few can boast as much know-how as the Imperial Technician. Armed with their Modified Blasters and powerful Generators, the Technician can bring forth the latest in technology to turn the tides on any opponent.

- Bioware (Support/Healing (AND PUN!))
- Cyberware (DPS)
- Onslaught (Shared)

The Idea - Technicians: I'm sure if you look at this at face value you'll say "WELL HEY NOW THAT'S AN OPERATIVE!" As much as I hate to say it, they do share similarities (Healer spec, Medium Armor) but beyond that they're nothing alike. First and foremost, Operatives are Melee Assassins where as Technicians are Ranged Casters. Healing, while sharing the "Ranged" aspect, will work differently; Operatives work with Tactical Advantage where as Technicians will be working with HoTs (think WoW Druids) and more importantly buffs, filling the non-existent "Support" Role.

Example: Your doing Colocoids and your Healer runs out of Force/Energy against the the giant mantis thing. You would have an Innervate-like ability to help restore their Resource, while also throwing the tank an "Armor Buff" to help withstand the moments of less healing since you would also pop a HoT on him as well.

Trees again should be rather obvious. Though the name might sound like a joke "Bioware" should best describe it since it's tech that deals with "bio" or organics. Cyberware should also be pretty obvious since your using cybernetics and technological weaponry to fight. Onslaught is the shared tree.


Issues: Troopers don't really suit Mandalorian Armor now do they?


If you've got any comments by all means leave me one and tell me what you think. As an aspiring Game Design Student I want all the feedback I can get ^_^
To start off with I love the idea of a pure support class in any game - i.e. they aren't specifically heals, tank, or dps but they support in any way necessary from the group. But, it has to be done right. I've only seen a true support role done in two games I've played (I know it's been done in others but I haven't played those games). That's Aion and RIFT. Aion got it right with the Chanter, RIFT's classes were just bad. That's the TL; DR.

Additional thought: I wonder how a pure support class would work in the 4/8/16 person group makeup we have??

RIFT did a pretty bad job with the Bard and Archon classes. They had some buffs and debuffs (and the Bard also had heals), but none stood out above the rest and none were really situational or special. You were able to put them all up at the same time for the most part and you just spammed your rotation mindlessly and that was it. Boring and useless out of endgame raids.

Aion did it right with the Chanter class. Lots of awesome buffs that were great in certain circumstance so most of these had CDs of some sort, there were a few buffs you'd have up all the time (but couldn't use all of them at the same time, had to choose) and then you had your regular attack skills which also provided debuffs, (albeit not enough of a debuff IMO). You had a few heals as well, but not enough to be a primary healer, so it was used mostly in a situational, support capacity. Also wore chain armor and could spec to be pretty durable if you wanted to also play that role.

But you were forced to make choices about what skills to use when and there was such a wide variety of good skills that there was actually room for the player to make a difference with his/her choices. The class was very active when played right so not boring at all. Skilled players made more of a difference but anyone could still play the class effectively. They were viable and their presence was noticed in all modes of play - PvE and PvP. These are some of the things that make for a good support class for me. So I really like your idea but if Bioware were to do that, they'd have to get it right. Or if you were to expand further the above is what would have to be done.

Edit: The below idea I really like. We have enough gun classes in the game as well as Lightsaber classes. There's nothing more fun than beating on someone in melee with a staff. WTB a class that uses Electrostaffs and Vibrostaves with some really hard hitting wacking sounds to go with it as you beat the heck out of them and knock them down every other hit lol. And cool staff swinging animations kinda like the double bladed lightsaber has.

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class that use tech or vibro staves/swords etc.

atm the force users get proficiencies in those weapons but cant/dont use becuase there abilities require light saber