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01.19.2012 , 12:07 PM | #1
The Good -
So like many other guilds (I guess) we also cleared the regular 8 man KP raid yesterday evening. I have to say it is a step up from EV. It will be fun to see pugs doing the Droid boss . We will try it on hard mode this week. Overall, it is a GOOD raid.

The bad & the ugly together -
1) It all started with bone thrasher, I was assigned some loot but couldnt loot it because no matter where i try to position myself it was telling me that I cant reach that! I was liek so what man. its just 1 piece, i will get again so i move on.
2) We killed hunters and NO ONE WAS ABLE TO GET LOOT. yes no one was able to loot anything from the chest. We still move on .
3) The son of "Bonethrasher with missles boss", we killed it and I was assigned a strength legs (I am a Merc BH). Like w t f man. Which I wasnt able to loot initially because it kept on saying that i cant reach that. SOme guildie guided me on vent to move to a specific position because boss was dead at that point on his screen. So I got the legs but couldnt use them. We move on.
4) the Droid boss, Nothing for me
5) Last boss - nothing for me.

I am not whining (but a little sad for sure) but this auto assign needs to be addressed. On one hand people are getting so many pieces and on other hand 1 player is getting nothing in entire raid (due to bugs also). I actually don't need much of Columi gear but I am 100% sure that a lot of other players are suffering from same thing. Why not loot master in regular mode? Specially in the guild environment.

The good thing is that atleast there were no bugs in the boss fights and it was fun to clear the content. Thanks a lot for the good raid BW. I will appreciate if you can fix the things faster.

P.S. (I was actually thinking about unsubbing but after yesterday's raid, I think I will stay for some time.)