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01.19.2012 , 09:14 AM | #13
Playable Mandalorians could fill this role for both sides. They're mercenaries, so they don't have genuine loyalties.

In fact, it would be awesome if you could "unlock" a Mando (a la Death Knight from WoW), but instead of being minimum 30, 40, etc....

1) One unique backstory reduces dev time

2) Make it Faction Neutral. Bolster either faction on a whim with your "you can't kill me" attitude, skills, and gear.

3) In WZs, you could "choose" which side to queue with (Mercenary style).

4) In open-world PvP, you can attack either faction, which means you can be attacked by either faction.

3) Don't violate your Rep/Imp sensibilities and role an "enemy" char just to explore the other faction's areas. Go Merc.

4) Land in an orbital station, pick up a planetary Merc mission that keeps the NPCs off your back.

5) Replay only the fun missions from your previous roles.

6) Have a price put on your head for killing an extremely unbalanced number of members from one faction (i.e., no griefing Repubs with your Mando army). Killing you not only brings high valor, it's a Bonus Mission that rewards credits. Turn in at terminal...

No Rep/Imp balancing issues, because Mandos hate everybody.