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01.19.2012 , 03:39 AM | #21
Did this last night as well, Vanguard tank, Sage healer and Commando/Scoundrel dps.

Wiped a few times at the turret encounter as our tank seemed a bit unsure of himself and kept running around like he was afraid of taking dmg.

Other bosses were pretty much cake, except for the bonus who we had to leave, we tried cc'ing 2 of the adds killing the third and burning the boss but just could not provide sufficient dps to kill him before he brought down the next wave of 4 or killed the tank ( i suspect the Tank was a little spotty regarding dmg reduction cd's as I had to explain the concept to him a few times)

Other than this the instance was a blast, very atmospheric and the toch droids were a nice touch and I managed to pick up a Assault cannon with some really good mods/crystal
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