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01.19.2012 , 01:39 AM | #18
Agree this is my favorite flashpoint.

1st boss (the wave thing) was a joke. None of us ever got below 80% health (yes this was on hardmode). And we did it the way we shouldnt' have done it too (I as a marauder killed mobs while our aoe sorc used the gun ... because the bastard hopped on it first grrr!)

2nd boss was spank and tank. You HAVE to use the canisters that blow up on the side. The dot they give him is insignificant; they ALSO blow off his reduced damage buff (until you do this he takes ridiculously reduced damage)

3rd boss (bonus boss) was easy if you do it right. Just LOS him to get him to move away from the spot he spawns in. His adds he calls in always spawn in that spot still. Makes it 100x easier to see them for immediate CC/pwnage as if you don't move them the damn things spawn right on top of the boss and are hard as hell to target.

Final boss ... also easy as hell. We killed the Commander then the big *** guy who holds you on the ground then the last guy.

Only whipe we had was on the bonus boss until we decided to LOS him to move him.