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Entry #13

The Chosen One

Today I met a beautiful girl by the name of Janace. She is tall (taller than me of course), has long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and an overall nice appearance. Honestly it's like she came straight out of a Soap Opera holo. She is just absolutely perfect.

After spending a few hours of staring at her in class (I think I was drooling too) I decided to finally approach her.

I wish there was a Jedi technique that made talking to girls easier!

Anyway, Janace regarded me with a smile (she's such a nice person) and I asked her what her name was, and in turn I told her mine. We talked for a bit about nothing. Just school, The Jedi Code, and our respective masters. She told me how she pretty much excels at everything. From Telepathy to Lightsaber Combat.

Figures, she would never go for a guy like me. I told her that I too, excelled at everything I attempted, but she just chuckled and said "I can tell you're lying you know. Your mind is such an open book!"

We both laughed it off, but it was so embarrassing! She offered to tutor me on anything, and I chose lightsaber combat. We set up a time and day we would meet up to practice together.

Who would have thought that being crummy with a lightsaber would score me a one-on-one with a hot girl!

I wonder, can Masters give padawans advice on women? I know attachment is against the Jedi Code and all, but I doubt flirting is.
Entry #18

Lessons Are Going Well

Had a couple of one-on-one tutorials with Janace. Sheesh she's amazing with a lightsaber! We did a mock spar so she could evaluate how far a long I was. I estimated that she disarmed me in 30 seconds. She frowned and regarded me, but for me, it was a personal best.

I mean, she's just a padawan (and a girl) but for some reason, she's just so strong. She told me she specializes in Djem So, an offensive lightsaber form, which explained her unnatural strength. She told me that before I could even think about choosing a lightsaber form to train in, I had to brush up on my Shii-Cho.

Why is lightsaber combat so difficult? Better yet, why is it so important? I thought Jedi weren't supposed to fight anyway?

I like using my wit and cunning to get out of situations. My master said he liked me because of my sharp tongue and compromising nature. He said if I wasn't a force-sensitive then I would have been a politician.

I laugh to myself every time he says that, because I know it's true.
Entry #24

Meditating Is Boring

Me and my master meditated today in his chambers. Honestly, I think I was more asleep than anything. I mean, the whole premise of it seems to be nothing more than a power nap.

Closing my eyes.

Crossing my legs.

"Feeling" the world around me.

Finding my "center."

Yea, how important. I just don't understand the purpose of this. What can meditating do for me that pacing back and forth can't? Pacing back and forth is the best way for me to center myself.

Of course, if I confront my master about this, he would just say, "You will learn the importance of it soon enough, padawan."

"Advanced" Training

Janace told me that I was really coming along with my Shii-Cho mastery. Though she still creams me, she tells me that I'm putting up one heck of a fight. It's a shame my master rarely trains with in the ways of lightsaber combat. He's one of those Consular types, choosing to connect with the Force and stuff.

But hey, I would rather let someone like Janace train me in the martial techniques of lightsaber combat than my master.

No offense to him.

Anyway, she told me that I was just solid enough with my Shii-Cho to move on and choose my "specialization", for the lack of a better word. Out of all of the forms she described to me in length, Soresu is the one that seemed to fit me the most.

She told me that she knows little else about other forms, just basic stances and motions. Understandable, she was just a padawan, and she had her own form to master.

She advised me to seek my master for counsel on my chosen form (she obviously doesn't know him as well as I do) or to use the Jedi Library, which made much more sense.

I asked her if this meant the end of our time together, and she said no. She said we could meet up any time, even if I just wanted to talk.


Davin-1 Force-0
Entry #44

Mind Your Feelings

So I've been meeting with Janace more and more often then I ought to. I feel pretty guilty for neglecting my master for her (though he spends most of his time meditating in his chambers or in the library) but I can't help myself.

I mean, she's just so beautiful and talented. Who would NOT want to spend time with her?

Though it's not like I flirt with her constantly on a daily basis. Besides, my advances are clumsy at best. We talk about a whole of nothing, I say something stupid, we both laugh, talk more about nothing, and then we say goodbye. So smooth.

But, for some reason, I'm starting to have these.....dreams.

Their not visions, but they seem so real. It's just me and Janace together in the hallways, walking and talking, but what I say and what I think are two completely different things.

In my mind I would think thoughts that were highly irrelevant (and inappropriate) to the subject in which we were discussing.

And she would be wearing a pretty small robe.

I mean REALLY small.

I wake up and I just feel so dirty and ashamed. I can hardly look her in the face now. I'm sure if she caught wind of my inner thoughts, she would hate my guts.

I wonder if the Jedi Library has any information on puberty? We learned a bit about it in Health, but we merely scratched the surface.

I want to know how to deal with it!

Note To Self: Find out about those really small robes too.

To Be Continued.......
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do."-Confucius The Analects