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We did this on normal and HM back to back. Both were faceroll easy except for the bonus boss.

We were a melee group, and point blank this boss is a melee **** block. With the splash dmg that is done we could not kill the add's fast enough and asborb all the dmg even with cc'ing and chain stunning the mobs.

This fight is so blatantly anti melee fight, just like the majority of end game pve content in this game....*** bw cant you guys actually design fights that dont have certain group makeup hard blocks.
It's encouraging balanced groups. We nearly did this with 2 sage a shadow and guardian. 2 melee 2 ranged. The important thing is the splash damage good cc and heals. But if you go heavy in melee or even heavy in ranged squishy you will suffer for it.

It's a fantastic flashpoint never laughed so much. Best moment when the boomer (yes I only use L4D terms) was about to blow up next to me on the turret and I knew I was going down absolutely hilarious