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How is this a giant last straw. Seriously people, the game is barely a month old. I mean, do you really have that lil patience. I've played a lot of MMO's in my time. In no way did I ever expect this game to be perfect or even close to it at launch. players exploited a fault in the system today. Republican players who repeatedly fed those taking advantage of it, your as much to blame as bioware is. You see a problem, remove yourself from it until it is fixed. Simple as that. You cry more than my five year old nephew. All of you crying about canceling, the community here will be much better off without you. For those of you who understand MMO's are under constant development, I look forward to sharing this game with you for some time.

That's exactly the case we do NOT have the patience for gross incompetence like this. With as many MMO's that have been out in the last 10 years they should have seen many of these issues coming. You have 1 month to convince people you are capable of designing a game that is fun and fair. They failed.