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I'm holding my tongue ... I find it rather strange that so many people who seriously want to cancel their account, can't get it to work. If it was one or two, I'd just chuckle and move on ... but its not just one or two.

Of course, given what's driving them to want to cancel ... I guess we shouldn't be surprised. I've not been impressed with this website since before beta. They have always seemed to spend 5 times the budget on thread cops, than on developers (just my opinion from what I've seen).

Personally, they are going to get one more month out of me. I'll give them the $15 bucks (since the game itself was a gift) .... but after that I will be done .... not because of the money, but because its not worth the frustration.
uhhmm, so you're no help at all.
i gave my situation and was simply asking if someone knows how to drop the acct. i'm not seeing it.