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01.18.2012 , 07:46 PM | #1
So, when i log in and go into "My account" and under subscriptions it says "you dont have anymore time, please set up a subscription plan yadda yadda" and when i click on subscription type or whatever it says that i have a reoccuring one set up and in place, and it lists my CC.

i want to cancel my account. what am i doing wrong?

edit: i'd like to point out that i'm canceling my account for the primary reason that we all paid for an incomplete piss poor game. LFG tool? nope. Guild functionality? nope. Legacy system? Hahahaha, nope. Class stopping bugs (BH, class i rolled, end quest broken and has yet to be addressed, leaving lots of BH's in the dark), an absolute lack of Customer support, an auction house that is crap, absolutely linear gameplay (might as well have been released as a single player game), EA involvement at all, "companions" being completely worthless and mostly annoying (oh, you're supposed to be an intelligent person w/feelings and thoughts that i'm gonna have a romantic relationship with? you should probably get out of that fire you're standing in then), a horrible ui, pvp queue system is just a joke, broken quest mobs, lost mail items, bad collision when running/driving/walking (really? oh theres a tiny log in front of you, my bad, i'll walk around), ability delay not making any sense, broken chat with guild/party, countless ctrl+U needs (yeah i'm not a fan of having to manually fix the game for them, w/ hard ui resets or game bug workarounds). I'm sure the list goes on and on, but i'm bored. This game is bad and they should feel bad.