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Ilum bases

As ive stated in other posts the main issues with these bases is lack of defenses.

The bases need the following things implented

1. The bases need lot more gaurds and wall turrets. I say this b/c as were seeing really now more then ever that the opposite side can sit in the other sides base.

2. The bases need to be more deeper like the main bases when u land on ilum. They need to be closed off and have 1 entrance in/out

3. Thier needs to be a base boss to kill thats 80 to 100k deep inside of the base. This boss needs to have the highest chance of getting pvp gear/champion bags and even armor pieces in themselves. I base this on how easy it is to take the bases currently. Shooting a rocket and camping the repair box is just not doing. Theres needs to be a raid to go into the base and strategically kill a base boss on top of taking the turrets. This would make for better pvp and more people organizing to fight for an objective

So heres how the base take over should be

1. use rocket launcher kill turrets
2. Fight your way inside the base (should be lots of door gaurds and droids/turrets to fight your way through.
3. Kill the base boss thats a 80-100k deep inside the base then cap the base.
4. Loot boss or chest (This boss must have the highest drop rate for champion bags/commendations and even gear itself)

4. The repair box for the turrets needs to be inside the base why this is outside? I do not know. This makes for harder and a better experience to take the turrets out. Anyone can go shoot a rocket launcher up there and camp the repair box.

5. We need to have healers be able to heal please remove -30 healing

6. We need to have more functional/more useful manable gun turrets

7. Faction imbalance im going to be honest gabe your gonna need to open rvr and other servers ability to come and go to have functional pvp on any server. This issue cannot be adressed with same faction vs same faction. Really need to get this rvr and cross server pvp going

8. Raid assist we cant do much in a raid with no raid assist. Ive complained about this issue in beta. If you want to form a community and have organized groups fighting we need a raid assist badly

These ideas imho would go a long way in ilum i know theres going to be lag and fps issues and theyve stated there working on them.

To gabe i hope you read and consider these ideas. I think this would really improve things if one side could actually defend thier base and putting a base boss would create more raiding and better fun for all.

Please post constructive ideas ill admit like a lot of people im getting very frustrated and i want this to succeed for us all both sides.
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