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Given that we used accuracy debuffs to survive Nightmare Droid Salvos, I'm pretty sure I have a clue. What I'm saying is that they aren't all 90%, and even if you have several, you still need to use them strategically.

And they don't do ANYTHING for you on fights where the damage doesn't come from normal boss abilities. Try obfuscating Ball Lightnings.

Doesn't really need a nerf IMHO.
When it 100% removes a mechanic of a boss/gearcheck and difficulty of a boss yes it wrong thats what u dont understand.

And ofc it doenst work on all bosses and thats not the point the thing is it nullifies an entire mechanic of a fight. its like lets say patchwerk in vanilla wow where u could abuse the tier 2 bugg setbonus. wich nullfied so u only had to heal one tank.

u should be able to make mechanics easier with spells sure but removing a mechanic from a boss entirely ruins the fight entirely.

and trust me later on when raid content should be hard and bosses that are heal heavy and swapping tanks u dont need to swap tanks u can just put up miss debuff rotation and the fights will become so easy it sad wich ruins all the effort of a good PVE fight that anyone even bad players can kill.