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01.18.2012 , 06:13 PM | #5
Finished it half an hour ago with the following group:
Assassin tank (me)
Merc healer
Marauder and sniper dps

The first boss (not really a boss, the explosives event) was the biggest problem for us, the turret which was supposed to help despawned after the first wipe before we even figured out what was going on, though after a few wipes and an order to only aoe after the silver mobs are down we actually mananged to finish it successfully.

Both "real" (non-bonus) bosses were very easy, the last one we killed in the order of big guy > small guy > commander guy, I was interrupting Full Auto of the commander and that was that really, didn't notice any form of enrage. They also dropped the Tirsa hovercar for our marauder.

The robot guy is very tough, we somehow managed the first pack of adds with no cc and using all the tanking and healing cds at our disposal, then went on to cc the second pack making it much easier. The boss was at ~30% after the second add phase and went down shortly after so we were unable to find out if it's only 2 packs/fight or he spawns more in a timely manner.

A very interesting and well designed flashpoint, and we didn't encounter any bugs except for the turret despawning. GJ Bioware, waiting for the second part now.