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Well 2nd poster said he gave us a universe; I think it's only a galaxy though (or maybe a small moon)

As for more movies I must concur with some that I'd rather not get more Lucas Star Wars movies. How about if Peter Jackson did adaptations of the Thrawn trilogy by Zahn? And as far as the actors being too old looking; did you see what they did with old Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy?

A scary thought about future changes to the original trilogy; what if Jar Jar Binks is revealed as the trash compactor monster on the Death Star - or what if he's one of the myriad species hanging out in the Cantina - or what if they replace Nien Nunb with Jar Jar as he asides to Lando "Mesa being berry berry scared!" or Admiral Ackbar "It's a trap! How wude"
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