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Which is best? Probably the sorc/sage as of right now, with scoundrel/operative in a close second. But it's worth noting that classes will fluctuate in power, and so it's a bad idea to roll a class based on what is best right now. You should really pick the one whose style or theme appeals to you most. Thankfully, if you've ever played WoW, the healing classes in this game feel very similar to ones from that game.

The sorcerer/sage, and I can attest to this from personal experience, feels almost identicle to a priest in WoW. It's not a direct translation, of course, but having played a healer priest in WoW and a healer sage in TOR, I can honestly tell you I feel like I'm playing the same class sometimes.

The scoundrel/operative, again from personal experience, feels very similar to a holy paladin. Once again, the translation isn't perfect, and the scoundrel actually has more tools than the paladin does. I will note, however, that it is more like the holy paladin of Cataclysm, rather than the one from vanilla-WotLK.

Finally, the commando/mercenary is the one I have the least experience with. However, I do have a friend who mained a restoration shaman in WoW, and then rolled a commando healer in TOR. He feels similar to how I felt with the sage/priest comparison, and says that commando heals very similarly to the shaman.