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01.18.2012 , 05:31 PM | #1
Dear bioware u got alot of work on your hands but to fix your raid content more, u must fix miss debuffs in raid obsculate from marauders and other high miss chance debuffs are just silly that they work on bosses, it makes them miss 100% with proper rotation its just facrolling bosses in hardmode/nightmare like nothing. Please remove miss debuffs that are really high that you can put on bosses or nerf them to the ground so they give small miss chance.

example is foreman crusher is suppose to hit ridiculusly hard on tank i guess, Yes i have really good gear and high defence and obsorb and obsorb chance, but putting obsculate on rotation on his frenzy makes him miss 100% with smash debuff more or less.

this gotta be fixed, also that we juggs can tank bosses with 30 less migtation talents than shield tech and darkness just shows how bad damage, Since we also are forced to run with vengence/immortal hybrid specc with impale to hold agro and to get most migtation possible for jugg tanks also makes this even more silly.

Upp the numbers they hit on tanks by a LARGE margin and fix jugg immortal tree and fix miss debuffs. and fix rakata gear and this game gonna end up being a really good game for pve:rs.

Also trash in HM/nightmare karragaths palace drops columi/rakata token guess its a bugg

Best regards FuzioN