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Here's the one thing I don't get. The Rule of Two (if it was never accidentally subverted i.e. killing your master in his sleep rather than overpowering him) obviously means each new Sith Lord was even more powerful than the last. Darth Bane was probably the most talented force user of his generation, meaning that Darth Sidious would be exponentially more powerful than anyone from that era of the Old Republic.

However, surely this doesn't apply to Mace Windu. While Mace Windu was undoubtedly a highly skilled lightsaber duelist, surely there would be no-one in the Jedi order even remotely capable of defeating Darth Sidious as they weren't worried about becoming more powerful following the Ruusan Reformation as they thought the Sith were defeated. If anything, as their most worthy adversary had been defeated and the Republic entered a period of relative peace for 1000 years, their skills probably would have atrophied somewhat.

Therefore, logically, there should be little chance Mace Windu could ever have beaten Darth Sidious. Perhaps a fight between him and Darth Bane would be closer, though I'd give the edge to Darth Bane, if only because Darth Bane had lots of experience fighting Jedi and because I don't think Jedi of the Clone Wars era would have been as powerful as their counterparts 1000 years ago.