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This instance has a Left 4 Dead feel to it, as do the mobs.

There are Bloated mobs that explode when dropped to around 10% HP. You can leave them to explode by themselves or have the tank eat the damage. It is avoidable. (L4D Boomer)

Mercenary Mobs grapple group members and continue to CC the member until his channel is interrupted. (L4D Smoker)

Screamers will do a targeted knockback similar to Force Push. (L4D Witch?)

Hunters have a force leap and will switch aggro randomly, using a bleed attack on the new target (L4D Hunter).

Other mobs are basically Tank and spank. Boss fights are pretty intuitive. First fight is a fight off the horde, wave after wave, fight. I suggest having a melee DPS man the vehicle-gun over ranged as Bloated mobs will spawn throughout. Basically the gunner mows down the non-elites while the tank and other DPS kill the Strong mobs.

The next boss was a very large, red Rhakghoul (L4D Tank) that is basically untankable. He will knockback and stun quite frequently. We basically kited him around a large courtyard area that has 4 very obvious barrels in each corner. When he was in range, we exploded the barrels that applied some burst damage to him and what appeared to be a powerful DoT effect. He will occasionally enrage and you will be prompted to run away from the boss in a Raid Warning format. We simply kited him to the next barrel while DPS'ing and mobile healing. Pretty simple.

The only boss that was particularly challenging was KR-82 Expulsor. He is an optional boss droid.

He has a few abilities that are of note. He will occasionally target a random member and shoot a missile at him, doing around 4-5k damage. He will also AoE Grapple everyone in the group to melee range and begin casting an AoE damage pulse. You are snared when he does this so you must begin running out immediately.

Around every 45-60 seconds he will drop 3 droids that shield him and they begin aggroing based on heals or damage. This was the portion we missed for a bit. You must CC as many of the droids as you can and kill them single target. While shielded the boss will continue barraging random players quite frequently. The healing is sustainable so long as all ranged are spread out and 2 of the 3 spawned droids are CC'ed - this barrage appears to have splash damage, hence you should spread out. This is a timer ability and is not keyed to his health, so max DPS is a must. He drops the shield after the last droid is killed. The fight then reverts to the previously mentioned mechanics.

This optional boss drops, from what we saw, the Columi Headpiece Token, some random schematics, and the Tirsa Elite mount that Soa drops.

Last boss is a trio of of mobs. The center mob is commanding the other two to attack a random member of the party. The large (right) mob will pin whomever he is attacking to the ground in a channeled cast (L4D Charger) that may not be interrupted. We killed the center boss first, then the smaller left mob (L4D Jockey?). After we killed 2 of the 3, the large boss on the right enraged somewhat, but the damage was very healable.

Overall, I really liked the creepy feel of the instance and the nifty headlamps similar to L4D's Flashlights. Looking forward to Part II.
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