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This is sad. But I really can't blame them.
My guild lost 5-6 people now. They are not continuing to subscribe.
Some of my friends are never online any more either, so I assume they are gone too.

This is getting out of hand. Patches don't fix a thing. FPS is still a problem, I still can't abandon mission.

There are so many issues that stayed the same since Beta.

I just paid for 3 month Sub and I will stay here for the duration of it. I have hopes, but then again I had high hopes for this game for 3 years and I got very disappointed. I wonder what's gonna happen in 3 months, will anything change?

I am just sad... I can't blame my friends and guildmates. I hate being lied to. No, its not only 5% of people with fps issues. Why are you hiding the facts? Why is nothing getting changed...

Don't direct your flames that are sure to come, at me. I haven't done anything wrong. I am trying sooo hard to love this game, so I really do not need trolling on top of the current problems. yes... another threat like this, yes... "dont play if you dont like" it and so on.

I am just telling Bioware what's going on. Even though you see the numbers yourself.

I am here, because I am lying to myself that things will get better. I don't know why I am doing this. I guess its because I waited for so long.You know many people willl not continue to play.

We've just spent 2 hours on a HM Eternity Vault that was bugged, we entered Hutt just so half of us could get hit by 14 fps.
the only thing "out of hand" as you say, is the amount of troll posts in this forum.