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For Jindo, the easiest method we've found (using myself as a ranged BH tank) is to shoot the ship as soon as we enter the instance and have dps+healer stack on Jindo at the middle turret. I get aggro and use the opposite side of the platform from the cannons to avoid the red missile lock spam while the group DPS's the shield. Shield drops, ship comes back to mid, get's shot, goes back out. He won't grapple or jump to his main aggro target and if everyone else is stacked on him in phase 1, they'll take very little damage.

A melee tank may need to run around in short range in front of him for the missile phase but should get some damage from the missiles to help drop the shield.

Should need to shoot the ship 4-5 times before it crashes, then he moves to phase two which is no shield + he does his flame sweep aoe which must be interupted (all the other moves can either be interupted or ignored depending on how good your healer is).

With halfway competent dps you'll still burn him down before the enrage. This is the cleanest way to kill him that I've found as all you need to do when he's shielded is occasionally taunt him and fire off basic shots to keep aggro (dps to the shield doesn't seem to draw aggro from me as I'm not tanking him particularly hard).

Malgus is pretty straight forward, squishies should kite in the solo phase and always (ALWAYS) interrupt his force storm as it'll one shot the whole party. When he hits 10% and starts spamming force lightning, range him out on to the bridge (or just grapple him to the very edge) and have a person with a push attack chuck him over the edge. Note that if he is at the top of the stairs down to the edge of the bridge, he may get stuck and not go over the side. Lightning spam damage is not ridiculously bad and we've endured about 30 seconds of enraged FL due to a screwed up knock back before killing him.