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That's not the point Brandon. I'm no stranger to bugs and launch flaws. But you're still not seeing it, have you looked at recent patch notes?

"Sith can now properly wear the Darth title" - This thing was patched TWICE
"Players can now properly use emotes on a speeder" - This STILL doesn't even work

Im not even going to continue because hopefully you get it now, while Bonethrasher and SoA have been bugged since BETA. Hard modes have been bugged since beta. And now PvP is broken for republic.

Don't get me wrong, everything sub 50 is great, the content is great etc etc... But the end game has been complete garbage (Up until this patch, and I'm sure they've messed something else up I just haven't gone in yet.) and NOW we have to deal with a shafted pvp system. All I'm saying is, let this OP act like he's superior to all the whiners all he wants, but the facts are there. If Bioware doesn't fix it, they're losing a lot of customers, period.
Thats because it was rushed by EA, Hardmodes weren't even on beta till the final release.