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It's not necessarily the Ilum thing or SOA being over nerfed. It's the hundreds of small bugs and crap I continue to run into when playing. It just wears at you. It's sort of like playing a great shooter game at 10-15 frames a second. You love the content, but you're always on edge cause everything is choppy and you "miss" because the server or your computer sucks.

Small things-- Whether it's my abilities not firing off, ****** textures, random phasing issues or even something as simple as an items labeled as a Rakate gun having the same stats as a Tionese gun. Spending hours trying to fix a bug to move on just sucks.

Questing, leveling up, doing the flashpoints and space battles was a blast. Don't get me wrong. I loved the Smuggler story.
What do you expect from an mmo that's one month in its lifestyle

You have to understand, there is no one button that fixes all of the problems.

Yes. I know, we dont want bugs and this is 2012, but its a HUGE game, and we've received a lot in 1 month.