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01.18.2012 , 02:47 PM | #3
You're an idiot, that's all I can really say about your post.

For all the people crying about ilum, honestly, just go warzone or something? your not going to fix the imbalance of republic and imperial by crying.
Perhaps you don't understand that people play games for different reasons? Also, the PvE end game content has been completely **** for the last few weeks because of COUNTLESS bugs. Now we have to suffer in PvP too just because we're Republic? You don't get it, everybody and their mother in the Empire is going to be pvp geared, and thus, destroy us in pvp more than they already do.

You think I wanna go into pvp and continue to get **** on by the same 8 battlemasters? No, I really don't.

Ohhh, why dont I go run some hard modes you say? Because I don't *********** want to. I've got all the gear I need, and now I want some balanced end game. No, no it is NOT bioware's concern that empire outnumber republic 3:1 ATLEAST on every server.

But you know what is Bioware's concern? Making sure they find a balance in the system, but hey, Republic can't go to Ilum anymore no big deal right? We'll just take away the planet most geared 50's spend 80% of their time at. Its cool, you're right.

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