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01.18.2012 , 02:31 PM | #1
With all the major criticism around the ilum pvp area and the very first raid instance of the game, I would just like to say i thought the new rakghoul instance was pretty cool, i encountered no bugs, and it wasnt too hard or too easy, (well the bonus boss was like impossible and the last boss was a 1 shot) but anyways it was worth the loot since the trash pulls can be so hectic.

For all the people crying about ilum, honestly, just go warzone or something? your not going to fix the imbalance of republic and imperial by crying. Bioware isn't going to create AI's to equal the Imperial's numbers in Ilum, if you want Ilum to work just wait for balance, (which could take a while) or go republic.

Also about Soa bugs and nerfs, it's a new game, and considering most of the community is consisted of people who played WoW a few months/years ago, the majority of the community wants a way to jump into raiding/ops, and now there is new content which i haven't seen yet but i am assuming its more difficult than most of the bosses in EV.

So when you say "Guess im rolling panda in a couple weeks" go ahead, you're just wasting more of your money.