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01.18.2012 , 12:06 PM | #6
What exactly is there to discuss? The turrets give massive valor, have no diminishing returns and respawn instantly. How is that in anyway shape or form valid?

As for faction imbalance, not much you could do except cap the zone.

Also, possibly take a page from the game that shall not be named and implement something like Tenacity. Now they borked it because they didn't get the numbers right but with tweaking it could help.

Honestly you have one basic axiom, people love to win but will accept a fair fight. If you leave it such that it's a giant snowball (i.e. bigger faction wins more and the rewards get boosted by winning therefore giving them a greater ability to win), then the losing side (mostly Republic) will simply stop trying and give up. Then the winning side will have no one left to fight.