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01.18.2012 , 11:37 AM | #1
Since the last time I did a Flashpoint run in a PUG, I was told to skip all the cinematics since everyone but me had seen it before, I gotta think Bioware may be wasting precious developer time on story in Flashpoints few are seeing.

Just a tip to Bioware (I hope you have a way to log this): Before spending a lot of time on story for Flashpoints (and maybe this is an issue for Heroic missions too), take a look at the play time the story is getting versus usually getting skipped through.

Since in STWOR, the group content (Flashpoints in particular) is mostly action-oriented (versus social or fantasy oriented), that may not be the place for the story content. That's the place for "go go go!". If you're bummed about that predominant player culture, consider adding more breadth to the content to attract and retain a variety of players, more of which are more likely to appreciate the story. It's a tricky balancing act I know.